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‘Live healthy, stay healthy, age healthy’ – that is today’s maxim when it comes to a healthy lifestyle for all age groups and all stages in life. And of course, as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is why the chief concern at Malteser Health Promotion and Prevention [Malteser Gesundheitsförderung und Prävention (GuP)] is to help people avoid illness and improve their health. Our activities focus upon creating healthy lifestyles and behaviours, and healthy surroundings as well. The Malteser GuP has a wide variety of offerings. From social work with children and youths; to programmes emphasising healthy nutrition, exercise and lifestyles; to training courses for multipliers in sex education, preventing violence and addiction, and promoting a sense of purpose in and perspective on life. The Malteser GuP offers prevention programmes and materials tailored to the needs of women and men in the various age groups. The areas of competence of the Malteser GuP encompass: • developing concepts • creating materials • providing training, continuing education and advanced training to multipliers • adult education • working with children and youths Our topics include: • healthy lifestyle (incl. nutrition and exercise) • family planning • sex education • social integration • violence prevention • gender and medicine • living with dementia • ways of communicating values Some of our programmes of interest: • Schmetterlinge im Bauch (materials for work with girls) • Alec und Sara (sex education teaching materials for youth) • Body and Soul (programme for body awareness and women’s health) • Menopause Counsellor Training • NFP Counsellor Training • Health Education Specialist Training


Ongoing projects: Since October 2006, the Malteser GuP has co-ordinated a 7-country project sponsored by the EU as part of the Socrates Programme (Grundtvig): the Fertility Management Program. This is a course offering for multipliers in adult education who work with couples/women and men on issues in life planning and family planning. The emphases are upon topics of fertility, sexuality and fertility awareness, and on family planning and perspectives on life, taking gender-specific points of view into consideration (cf.



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