About the GNMH

The German Network for Mental Health (GNMH) is an open association of interest groups, social welfare organization and scientists for the promotion of mental health and prevention of mental disorders. In accordance with many international organizations (' links) the GNMH is establishing a structure in policy, social welfare services and in research to promote mental health and prevent mental disorders in much more broader sense as compared to the past. The main goals of the GMNH are:

  • Implementation of models of good practise and evidenced based prevention and mental health promotion instruments
  • Development of projects and models for the advancement of cooperation between various different fields in prevention and mental health promotion including near by connections to public health and health promotion in a general sense (intersectoral strategies)
  • Proposals for new politics and laws in prevention and health promotion
  • Steady exchange of expertise and information between all members of the network and those who are interested in.
  • Supporting of initiatives and models in prevention and mental health promotion
  • Arranging conferences and other instruments for the education in metal health promotion and prevention of mental disorders
  • Inviting people and organizations in Germany to cooperate with or to get the membership of the GNMH
  • Exchange with various international organizations and initiatives